A Nomad in Academia: A Reflective Account of an Academic's Experience Across the Continents

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A Nomad in Academia: A Reflective Account of an Academic’s Experience Across the Continents is the autobiographical account of Mohammed Abdur Razzaque, who was born in East Bengal, now called Bangladesh. His inspiring and insightful story begins in 1968 and continues until 2014. He left his homeland of East Pakistan to study in the United States, and from there has travelled and taught at universities throughout the world. He has experienced many cultures and wishes to share the insights gathered during his 43-year teaching career. In 1968, he reluctantly began his career as a metallurgical engineer in a steel mill. At the first available opportunity he quit the job and proceeded to the United States to pursue higher studies in business administration. The author returned to his home country of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) as a university teacher in 1971, but left Bangladesh again in 1976. He says, "Since 1976, I have taught in universities in the Sudan, Singapore, Bangladesh, USA and Australia. For very short periods, I was also associated with universities in Finland, Malaysia, and UAE. I have received several teaching excellence awards, in 2007, 2009, and 2010." A Nomad in Academia narrates the story of a young country boy who aspired to become a civil servant in his home country, but ended up being a marketing educator in a prestigious Australian university.
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